The message that there is 'no health without mental health' (*1) has been heavily promoted for many years. While many people will happily spend hours in the gym every week, few of us are willing to invest the same energy in keeping a healthy mind. 

Healthy minds at work are productive - they concentrate, create and co-operate. By contrast, the familiar epidemics of burnout, stress, anxiety and interpersonal conflict are classic signs of mental ill-health - counter-productive for any work environment. A commitment to positive mental health at work is therefore a good business decision (*2) as well as an important statement about the social values of your enterprise. 

How We Can Help...

Our experienced consultancy team brings together expertise from the world of business consulting, organisational development, group dynamics, coaching and individual psychotherapy. We provide a range of tailored services to improve the wellbeing and therefore the effectiveness of your leadership and employees; increasing collaboration, reducing stress, improving client-facing and internal relationships, and supporting team-members through crisis. We aim to help the organisation capitalise on the investment in its employees and chart its way forward. 

  1. Organisational Healthcheck - evaluation of the mental wellbeing of the organisation and its employees, including recommendations on how to make improvements. 
  2. Stress Audit - assessment of the impact of the work and its environment on individuals/groups, helping employees to recognise and understand the nature of their responses, and provide strategies for stress management  
  3. Psychological Education and Training - providing education around wellbeing, resilience and stress management; helping employees understand their own and others' emotional world/s, so that they can perform to the best of their abilities and create better working relationships.  
  4. Supervision and Coaching – an ongoing framework of support to keep people healthy, productive and motivated. 

Healthy Minds @ Work has been set up by a group of experienced psychotherapists and coaches. Each member of our team is accredited by the BACP, and alongside clinical work we have extensive commercial experience working at an executive level.